The Vision Group

The Vision Group was formed in 2021 following a series of “Let us Dream” discussions and reflections led by our Parish Priest. We will explore and create new initiatives, activities and events that will bring the people of our Parish together through prayer, witness and social gatherings.  Our goal is to promote the Spiritual Growth and the coherence of our Parish, our Pastoral Area and our Local Community as we respond to Pope Francis’ plea for us to hear “The Cry of the Earth and the Cry of the Poor.” We work along side our parish priest and the PPC.

The members of the group are:-

Trisha Ray

Paddy Flynn

Bel Flynn

Betty Hutley

Annette Moraes

Martha Manuel

Gloria Scott

Kathy Hayes

If you have a suggestion or would like to get involved with one of our initiatives, please talk to one of us.

The Vision Group


05 July 2022. 

UCM are having their meeting on Tuesday 5th July at
7.30pm in St Elizabeth’s Room. This week’s meeting is
on holidays and rest homes. All welcome!!

Walsingham Trip 5th July: The organisers were
unfortunately let down by the coach hire company and
could not source another coach in time. If you would like
to watch the UCM Mass live from Walsingham on line
please follow the below steps.
• Go to
• Select the green Livestream option.
• Scroll down to see the timetable of live-streamed
events during the day.
• Scroll down further to select LIVE.
• Click on the forward arrow and watch the Mass. it will
be at 12:00 on Tuesday, 5th July.
• Perhaps, you might like to read something about the
history and importance of this English Shrine while you
are on the website. (ABOUT THE SHRINE)

11 – 16 August 2022

Pilgrimage to Banneux, Belgium for the 89th Anniversary of the Apparition of Our Lady.

Parish Activities

The Season of Creation.  01 September – 04 October 2022.

01 September – 1000 Mass

                          – 1400 Ecumenical Service followed by reception.

01 October       – 1100 Creation Mass

04 October       – 1330  Ecumenical Service

This Season of Creation is an Ecumenical Celebration and we will welcome Parishioners from across the Maidenhead to show solidarity in Caring for God’s Creation, Our Common Home.  The theme this year is :-  “The Burning Bush”,  “Listen to the Voice of Creation”