Prayer and listening to God is a vital part of our everyday life, but sometimes it is difficult to pray when we are exhausted or in stressful situations or by ourselves.  The diocese has created a team with experience in both praying with others and in spiritual listening,  All of the volunteers are trained in this service and have been through the essential safeguarding training and other requirements.    We are offering a service where people fill in a short form on the diocese website requesting a phone call, of 10 – 15 minutes usually.    Additionally, we are asking key workers if they would like to give us their name and work place and we will pray for them by name each day. Please go to the home page of the diocese website and under “Coronavirus” you can click on a box called “Prayer Support.”.  Please tell people in the SVP and other caring groups about this service.  If you have any questions do email Clare Simpson on

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