St Joseph Sun 8.30am Rota

Date 1st Reader* 2nd Reader** Eucharistic


28th Jan

4th Sun Ord

Will Jo Teresa
4th Feb

5th Sun Ord

Jo Teresa Sharon
11th Feb

6th Ord Sun

Will Teresa Catherine
18th Feb

1st Sun Lent

Jo Teresa Sharon
25th Feb

2nd Sun Lent

Teresa Roy Jo
03rd March

3rd Sun Lent

Roy Will Catherine
10th March

4th Sun Lent

Will Jo Teresa
17th March

5th Sun Lent

Jo Teresa Sharon


24th March

Palm Sunday







1st Reader: (a) 1st Reading (b) 2nd Reading and (c) Gospel Acclamation (Also lead Entrance Antiphon when there is no Entrance Hymn) and the Communion Antiphon.

2nd Reader: (a) Responsorial Psalm; (b) Bidding Prayers (when not sung by the choir). Responsorial Psalm is read first!

If you are unable to make your slot, please arrange a swap with another Reader in advance – see over for contact details – and notify me of the change.