RCIA 2023/24

We are all on a journey of faith that is unique and personal, and yet a journey that we know is greatly enriched when we are able to come together and share with others.

  • Maybe you are a non-Catholic Christian who has been accompanying your family to a Catholic Church and now feel drawn to become part of this community of faith.
  • Maybe your “roots” are in another religion, or in none.
  • Maybe you are a Baptised Catholic but never received, as a young person, the Sacrament of Confirmation.

This Programme is for all in these groups who wish to explore their faith, as adults, with a view to possibly becoming a Baptised and Confirmed member of the Catholic Church next Easter (March 30th/31st 2024).


Sign up here or on the reverse of leaflet. Please sign up by FRIDAY 1st September 2023


Download leaflet here