St Joseph Sat 6.30pm Rota

YEAR ‘A’/’B’




18th NOVEMBER 2023

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year ‘A’)

Senalda Rodrigues

Shavita Rodrigues

Maria Rodrigues

25th NOVEMBER 2023

Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe (Year ‘A’)

Grant Price

Fidelma Price

Maria Cordozo


  2nd DECEMBER 2023

  1st Sunday of Advent (Year ‘B’)

Minda Pancho

Kevin McGarry

Christabelle Mathews

  9th DECEMBER 2023

  2nd Sunday of Advent (Year ‘B’)

Bel Flynn

Marina Henry

K Hayes

 16th DECEMBER 2023

   3rd Sunday of Advent (Year ‘B’)


Virginie Schau


Piedada Pereria

 23rd DECEMBER 2023

   4th Sunday of Advent (Year ‘B’)

Kevin McGarry

Senalda Rodrigues

Maria Rodrigues

1st Reader: (a) 1st Reading (b) Bidding Prayers (Also lead Entrance Antiphon when there is no Entrance Hymn) and the Communion Antiphon.

2nd Reader: (a) Responsorial Psalm; (b) 2nd Reading and (c) Gospel Acclamation (when not sung by the choir). Responsorial Psalm is read first!


If you are unable to make your slot, please arrange a swap with another Reader in advance – see your email for contact details – and notify me of the change.