Fr Liam Cummins

Father Liam Cummins

I am Liam Cummins and I come from Ireland. I’m the eldest of four children (three boys and one girl). As a Mill Hill Missionary (, I have spent a good period of my adult life ministering in Africa, namely Cameroon and Kenya. I was appointed to England to do Mission Animation (Missio and Mill Hill) for a number of Dioceses in 2012. I really enjoyed this work and it involved a good amount of travelling and meeting lots of people.

The Mill Hill Missionaries, founded in England in 1866, has always worked and sent many missionaries from the church in Britain to many countries throughout the world. In 2017, it was decided for the first time since its foundation to minister, as a community, in England. It is wonderful for us that Bishop Philip has invited us to serve the Catholic Community of St. Joseph and Edmund Campion. I have the role of Parish Priest, and will be assisted by a number of Mill Hill Missionaries, as well as some retired priests in the local community.

My prayer is that I will try and follow, as best I can, the motto of the Mill Hill Missionaries: ‘Amare et Servire’ – to Love and to Serve. This is your community and we are all called to serve and minister to one another.

May God continue to guide and protect us.