Newsletter 410 14th April 2024


Third Sunday of Easter, Year B


It’s interesting that it is hard to find a painting of their late-night meal of fish, that is described in the Gospel of today. Other paintings are crowded on Google images – such as ‘the garden scene’, the breakfast on the beach, the road to Emmaus – old and new pictures. Is the fish meal too ordinary for the resurrection? We can’t

believe that the Lord of all creation who died for us will be recognised so simply or can we?

Jesus is in a bit of a fix. Faith is still weak in his followers – how can he get to them? Though the doors are closed/ locked, he comes among them in their fear. He said ‘Peace be with you’ again. This doesn’t seem to get through.  Finally, he tried a meal of ordinary fish with them. Somehow it is getting through. They have remembered other meals of fish and the way he ate it. Faith is growing in them in the simple act of sharing a meal together.

There is always another way for Jesus. We resist that he is so ordinary. The resurrection happens now and in the ordinary. How this week did I find the resurrection? Where did I leave the comfort-zone of myself in love, care, work for justice? In any way we raise each other up to a better human life & faith, then the resurrection is shared.

The garden, the chat on the road, and now the ordinary meal. Imagine if we said he took fish, said the blessing…! All of life is sacred, and shot through with the love and grace of the risen Lord.

In your breathing in and out, echo the word ‘Peace’.

Lord, make me a means of your peace.

Entrance Antiphon: Let all the earth cry out to God with joy; praise the glory of his name; proclaim his glorious praise, alleluia.

1st Reading:  Acts 3: 13-15

Psalm 4 Lift up the light of your face on us, O Lord

2nd Reading: First John 2: 1-5

Acclamation: Alleluia, alleluia! Lord Jesus, explain the scriptures to us. Make our heart burn within us as you talk to us. Alleluia!


Gospel: Luke 24: 35-48

What's happening in Church:

Thank you!

  • We have raised £1,321 for CAFOD! Thank you everyone!
  • St. Elizabeth’s mini raffle has raised £60 for the Lent Project!

Multiply your talent​

Dear Parishioners, we are Launching a new, Fun, Challenge this weekend in support of The River Ambulance Project in Congo.  It is very simple.  You can accept a Challenge by taking an envelope with £5, £10, or £20 (The ‘TALENTS) inside and use your imagination and talents to multiply the money two, three or four-fold.  Then please return the TALENTS together with the profit to the Church by Pentecost Sunday”.  Everybody can participate and this is an excellent way for children to show their skill and ingenuity to work. (Parents, Grandparents and Adults, do not be out-performed by our children and young people!) All the proceeds will go to support the River Ambulance Project.  This will help us to realise the ambition to support the Community in Congo with this vital Medical support.

  • Safeguarding training update. See
  • 19 Apr 7.30pm Bingo Night at St Joseph’s Hall. Tickets at £5 from Siobhan 07816445416. Cash only for the bar & raffle. Proceeds to M’head SVP.
  • 20 Apr 2nd Coll: Clergy Training Fund provides students with accommodation, living costs, tuition; & finance on-going formation of diocesan clergy. Support via Dona or online:
  • 21 Apr Filipino Mass All are welcome!
  • 14 Apr 2.30-5pm, Bereavement Support Group St Edmund Campion Hall. Come for a cup tea & cake to talk or share with others who are also grieving

  • Mon 7.30pm Badminton in the Hall. See schedule

  • Fri 8.45-10:45am Baby & Toddler Group in St Edmund Parish Centre 

Magazine We need writers, contributors, photographers for our upcoming Parish Magazine. Please contact the office if you’re interested in helping or advertising!


  • 21 Apr 9.30am FHC Ch 8 & 9 in Hall
  • 27 Apr 4.00pm Confirmation session at St  Ed Pri
  • 7 May Baptismal Course at St Joseph’s. For parents whose child is being baptised in M’head. Please meet one of the parish priests before attending.

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Can you help?

Marriage Care is a Catholic organisation specialising in relationship support. We are looking for Marriage Preparation Course Facilitators to prepare couples for the Sacrament of Marriage (full training is provided for this role), Qualified Relationship Counsellors to support couples in distress and Trustees to provide governance and strategic direction for the organisation. For more information please visit: or email: [email protected]

partnered with market-leading solicitors and will-writing providers to offer a basic simple or mirror Will for free. In-person, online or by phone. There is no obligation to leave our Parish a gift in your Wills.

Inspire and empower children & young people in your local Catholic schools by delivering an assembly or a workshop. CAFOD will provide training and all resources. Contact Jo Lewry [email protected] or phone 07710 094447 for more info.

If you want to donate directly to SVP for helping refugees who are facing homelessness & destitution, you can do so via CDP Maidenhead St Josephs Church Ac 00882667 / 30-93-04. Please include your full name and “+SVP” so we can earmark your contribution.

A steering group of religious and other groups are trying to establish three new initiatives under the auspices of the Brett Foundation. One is temporary hosting for refugees through a Gift-a-Room scheme. The second is a temporary Winter homeless shelter for all rough sleepers.The third is a Drop-in Centre to provide basic support for all people living on the streets, such as food and shower facilities. We are asking for any or all of:-

*Offers of a room for a refugee for up to two months – references will be taken for both host and refugee and a mentor provided to help both with any issues

* Volunteers to help with the homeless shelter for all rough sleepers for a variety of tasks, such as cooking, cleaning up, welcoming people and/or occasional overnight stays either once a week or once a month

* Volunteers at the Drop-in Centre for all rough sleepers for tasks such as making teas/coffees and making guests feel welcome either once a week or once a month.

We have created the following material to explain the schemes on The Brett Foundation website: there is a full page devoted to each of the streams, as well as an introductory page with links to each of the streams:

This is a link directly to the Gift-a-Room scheme: 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate call us on 07749 917134

appeal for volunteers. Would you enjoy meeting and helping all kinds of people on Saturday and pay-day Friday nights? Come try a taster session around Maidenhead town centre with a small friendly group. Contact: [email protected] or see


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Vacancies: We currently have some exciting opportunities across the Diocese for an Estate Manager, IT Manager, Choral Director, and Parish Administrators. 

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