House Blessing

House blessings (also known as house healings, house clearings, house cleansings and space
clearing) are rites intended to protect the inhabitants of a house or apartment from misfortune, whether before moving into it or to “heal” it after an occurrence. It is also there asking God’s protection and blessing upon each member of the family.
In Christianity, house blessing is an ancient tradition dating back to the early days, that is usually performed by a priest who sprinkles holy water and blessed salt as he walks through every room of the house, accompanied by the occupants of the house, whilst praying for the occupants.


Leader: “Peace be to this house and: to all who dwell here, in the name of the Lord.
All: Blessed be God forever.


If you would like your home blessed, then please contact one of the priests and a time and date can be arranged. 

The blessing ritual takes about 20 minutes, and it is lovely if all occupants of the home are present.