Children’s Liturgy

Parents with Young Children and Children’s Liturgy at St Joseph’s Church

Liturgy for children 

At St Joseph’s we are delighted to welcome children to their own liturgy during the first part of Mass.  The children love it – and we hope their parents do too, as it gives them all a chance to worship at their own level.


On Sunday during the 11am Mass at St Joseph’s in term time.  It is for children from about age 3 (their parents are welcome to join or help too!)  At the start of Mass, Father invites the children to come forward and accept the Book of the Word and the Cross.  The children then process out to their special rooms with the respective leaders

What happens at Children’s Liturgy?

The children follow the liturgy of the day, but in a way they can understand.  We may act out the Gospel story, make a poster or card, sing or talk about our Faith.  The children return to the Church at the Offertory when they rejoin their families.


  • 3 to 6/7 year olds in the Bar Area 
  • 7/8 year olds onwards in the Main Hall

Who leads the Liturgy?

We have a wonderful team of Liturgists, just ordinary people who love children, and they are on a rota to lead or help at sessions two or three times a term.   

How can I be a Liturgist or help with the sessions?

If you want to join the team, please contact the Parish Office, or Tricia Weeks on 01628 627265 / email:[email protected].


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